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Wednesday 17th July to Sunday 21st July

The Kings Chamber, Thorne.
DN8 4JE is nearby.
DN8 5UG is on the same Quora Retail Park, Thorne
lat long: 53.616619  -0.976419
or search for Kings Chambers , Thorne

Angling Direct Goole.
DN14 6TY
lat long: 53.704832 -0.887164
or search for Angling Direct, Goole.

Sykehouse Lock Car Park.
DN14 9AL is the Lock Itself.
Car Park is at
lat long 53.638095  -1.034531
or search for Sykehouse Lock, (but remember Car Park is around the corner)

Pollington Bridge
DN14 0EY is nearby.
lat long 53.663133 -1.056920
(The Post Code is for Viking Fishery, down the road)

The Kings Chamber to Sykehouse Lock is 5 miles

The Kings Chamber to Pollington Bridge is 10 miles

The Kings Chamber to Angling Direct, Goole is 9 miles


For the 'Buttons' to work, you may need Google Maps App on your smart phone.

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